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I use multiple computers with multiple music libraries. I also use a five year old laptop that hasn't yet given up the ghost, despite how hard the chugging gets, sometimes. iTunes is not friendly to my shitbox laptop, and even my gaming rig hates it.

Enter CopyTrans! iTunes-free iPod management. I know there are many other ways to do this, but my money is on CopyTrans. Or would be, but the only feature I really need is freeeeee. Works perfectly with my spiffing refurbished 5th generation Nano, acquired from sellout.woot. Yes, I got a 5th gen before the brand new ones came out, what a sucker. But really, I think I'd lose that tiny little fucker.

Since we're on the internet, let's listen to the opinions of others, in video form! First up, C-Net, trusted source for reviews on just about everything electronic.

And to balance out the informed, here's some random virgin:

I know he's wearing a wedding ring, but look at the action figure behind him. Also? Why does he sound like he's so unhappy about his purchase? Apple didn't FORCE you into buying that Nano.

Y'know, I didn't mean to stumble upon a lolcow, but all of his other videos are about action figures. What the fuck. Damn you, youtube! I wish I'd never searched you!

25 Response for the "I don't like iTunes."

  1. I'd constantly be afraid of breaking something that small...or losing it. Or losing it then breaking it.

  2. I have the new Nano and I would say it is more like an updated shuffle. Which is great for me because that was exactly what I was looking for.

    Another ITunes replacement is Songbird but support is iffy.

  3. I can't get behind any of the iProducts. I just really don't like any I've used. iTunes is a horrible music manager, the iPod is one of the worst MP3 players you can find, the iPad is borderline useless...I haven't actually used an iPhone, so I can't comment on that, but I really dislike the iProducts I've used.

  4. I've seen so many iPods die shortly after their purchase, maybe a half a year to a year in. I got a Zune over 4 years ago and it still works perfectly. Zune has HORRIBLE software, though. Maybe worse than iTunes. I wonder if there's other software I can get for it instead.

  5. The new nano, is to easy to lose and break in my opinion. I'll stick with my 5th gen video!

  6. Arghh I think looks ugly, I'm happy with my Nano.

  7. very interesting!

  8. great post !

    supporting & following you !
    take care.

  9. Itunes suck!

    also lol, I lost my snake for 4 days, found her on top of my wardrobe, she escaped again behind my bed, into my draw of tights, behind my sofa and then under my pillow while i was sleeping. so much fun \o/ i now have weights on top of her tank to keep lid closed

  10. me neither man

  11. i dont mind itunes... i tried foobar but oculdnt stand that so i jsut bear with itunes... i think rythymbox or something on ubuntu was my fav but it had no iphone support so bleh stuck on itunes for now

  12. I always go from hating iTunes to realizing I hate the alternatives even more

  13. Why would anyone buy an iPod now when we got smartphones ?

  14. The new nanos are actually pretty good, feels like a shuffle works like a itouch

  15. I hate iTunes. Big fan of aTunes though.

  16. I def wouldnt buy this generation of nano..although it makes a cool watch:)

  17. I'm looking forward to your next post!

  18. Apple: Cool devices for uncool people :/

  19. Nice post man, I find it difficult synching my iPhone and deciding what computer to use etc etc.

  20. nice ipod =)

  21. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  22. thanks for the informative post!

  23. victim of lifestyle obsession..
    oh nevermind
    have a good day and soem xliks :D

  24. amazing, I didn't know that

  25. howd fred flinstone get an ipod nano

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