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I love Tim & Eric. While you may be familiar with Tom Goes to the Mayor, or Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, did you know they also do music videos? Hells yes.

Eric directed "The Youth" for the we're-not-hipsters band MGMT.

Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me features Tim & Eric in the fabulous video.

Tim is in this amazing video for one of my favourite bands, Clues. This is "You Have My Eyes Now."

And this...I don't even know how to set this one up. David Liebe-Hart honestly hosts a cable access Christian Science program for children in LA. For reals. And Tim & Eric were on it, once. Probably never again. Smoke em if you got em, this shit is real.

17 Response for the "This is a call to arms."

  1. great videos !

    supporting you..take care.

  2. I love The Management...but did you guys know MGMT was short for "The Management" shit brix..

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  4. Yeap, fab videos :3

    I hate Tim and Eric, they have no talent. Their show is for stoners and pomos.

  6. I miss Tom goes to the Mayor, Tim and Eric is a bit odd for me,m yet I can't stop watching it lol.

  7. so horrible

  8. Dude, these videos are so weird, I only liked the first one, and that's because I like the blondie girl, she looks like Sunny Lane (lol). SUPP!

  9. nice videos dude :3

  10. You Have My Eyes Now.--- niceee

  11. lol nice videos

  12. dude i love that mgmt video but i always wondered why it was so weird. now i know lol

  13. You have a very good blog and i like the theme

  14. There needs to be more indie bands that have bad singers with visions.

  15. Love it!

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  17. Waaay too weird.

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