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I love Tim & Eric. While you may be familiar with Tom Goes to the Mayor, or Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, did you know they also do music videos? Hells yes.

Eric directed "The Youth" for the we're-not-hipsters band MGMT.

Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me features Tim & Eric in the fabulous video.

Tim is in this amazing video for one of my favourite bands, Clues. This is "You Have My Eyes Now."

And this...I don't even know how to set this one up. David Liebe-Hart honestly hosts a cable access Christian Science program for children in LA. For reals. And Tim & Eric were on it, once. Probably never again. Smoke em if you got em, this shit is real.

Okay, the rest of the lyrics of Hatredcopter are kind of lame, but the video is fucking sweet.

Should I have included a seizure warning? Seriously, if you have seizures you shouldn't be on the internet, let alone clicking strange youtube links.

Hot chick playing Thunderhorse. Enjoy!

I use multiple computers with multiple music libraries. I also use a five year old laptop that hasn't yet given up the ghost, despite how hard the chugging gets, sometimes. iTunes is not friendly to my shitbox laptop, and even my gaming rig hates it.

Enter CopyTrans! iTunes-free iPod management. I know there are many other ways to do this, but my money is on CopyTrans. Or would be, but the only feature I really need is freeeeee. Works perfectly with my spiffing refurbished 5th generation Nano, acquired from sellout.woot. Yes, I got a 5th gen before the brand new ones came out, what a sucker. But really, I think I'd lose that tiny little fucker.

Since we're on the internet, let's listen to the opinions of others, in video form! First up, C-Net, trusted source for reviews on just about everything electronic.

And to balance out the informed, here's some random virgin:

I know he's wearing a wedding ring, but look at the action figure behind him. Also? Why does he sound like he's so unhappy about his purchase? Apple didn't FORCE you into buying that Nano.

Y'know, I didn't mean to stumble upon a lolcow, but all of his other videos are about action figures. What the fuck. Damn you, youtube! I wish I'd never searched you!

Fridays are either joyful and awesome or rough and crappy. Let's make it better either way with CUTENESS.


Hella cute. In addition to being adorable and spitting on folks, alpacas have some of the nicest coats to turn into wool. So soft and warm.

Silly beasties.

How about some bunny show jumping?

Bunny show jumping. Fuck your horses, this is where it's at.

First of all, the dangers of high fives.


Second of all, Wednesday is the laziest of all weekdays for me. My one and only rest day from working out, I've proclaimed it wake & bake Wednesday. I mostly sit around gaming and reading but I'm looking forward to checking out what I've missed from everyone!

What kind of asshole plays Sim City?


I've been thinking about playing Minecraft, since the entire internet is, but mostly my close circle of friends. Three of them disappeared for a week and when next I heard from them, they'd constructed a fabulous base and roped my feller into the bargain. So I'm thinking about it. What scares me is that someone told the aspies about it.


Aww yeah, back on the bloghorse.

Not like, dirty porn, for the most part. I'm talking about George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones, the first doorstopper in a series of seven thick fucking tomes. I've just started reading this 800+ page thing. I've been ignoring it for a while since I'm trying to rock my way through Tolkien's Silmarillion and needed no distractions but man, JRR wasn't kidding when he said the Sil wasn't meant for people to read. That shit is bananas. Mind you, I've only done LOTR twice, so maybe I'll be more open once I give that trilogy another few rounds.

A Game of Thrones is great. It's long, and the subsequent books in the series are just as long, but it's good. It's interesting and intriguing and easy to read. The first 600 pages just flew by in a flurry of snow and incest and direwolves. Definitely a fantasy series for adults, what with all the blood and broken bones and hellacious treatment of the poor Stark kiddies.

And guess what? HBO is making the whole fucking thing - unfinished books and all - into a miniseries. As Dr. Steve Brule might implore you, check it out:

Ironically, George R. R. Martin wrote a science fiction diet book a few decades ago. He doesn't seem to be following it anymore and has even picked up a fat man hat. I can see why a lot of his readers are worried he's going to die before he finishes the series. Put down the cheesesteak, Georgey, and get to writing or maybe go for a walk instead. I know it's a tough life sitting on that million dollar ass.

I digress. HBO likely won't cut any of the icky parts, such as a royal family with a legacy of brother/sister inbreeding to keep a pure line. Strangely, most of these inbred decendents seem to be fertile and for the most part, clear of mind. No Preacher-style cyclops or enfeebled piss-on-everything kids. Weird. Maybe we get into that later.

Also, Sean Bean the Wife Beater as Ned Stark, fuck yeah! I'm not saying I'm in favour of domestic violence, but I'd let Sean Bean smack me around if he wanted. No divorce, no cops, just smack it.

Right, I can't wait to watch this series on HBO, and do not have high hopes for the author completing it but I've still got like, four more books to read. No complaints here. What novels have you been enjoying lately?

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