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23 Response for the "Wednesday in Pictures"

  1. sweet pictures man

  2. resize them shits! but i loved the first one

  3. wow, took me a while to make out the ladybug covered in water droplets... awesome...

  4. This is great!

  5. Last pic is breathtaking.

  6. OMG third pic is epic

  7. very nice blog
    i like your post!
    supportin & follow you ;)

  8. keanuuu!

  9. Great selection.


  11. love em these pic are great

  12. I'm so confused by that third pic...I have no idea what's going on there. Why is that kid wearing a BP shirt? Nah, not worth asking...the internets are a fucking weird place.

    Last pic is awesome.

  13. The first picture is hot.

    Oh, and the other ones are nice.

  14. I have decay porn all around me...I'm from Detroit XD

  15. What the...
    That fish is AWESOME, and also the ladybug picture is amazing. And I loved the kitty one.


  16. Cool pics, thanks for sharing.

  17. I like your ideas here :)

  18. awsm pics!

  19. Love that first picture - the racey, old-timey photo that would have caused a LOT of controversy in it's time..

  20. what the heck is that second pic. its cool as hell!

  21. hahaha, It's Keanu Reeves in the third picture? lol

  22. The last woman looks like a man...


  23. lmaooo, nice pics dude

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