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That's what my box is about.

Check out Yazoo for ultimate 80s hair and synth pop and talented fat chick.

Weird, they don't let fat chicks sing on tv anymore. I wonder what else we're missing?

The first time I heard La Roux, I was reminded of Yazoo. Compare!

Go androgyny go!

24 Response for the "80s o rama."

  1. You have a good thing going here :)

  2. La Roux is skillz.

  3. Hi man, good stuff!

    I'm following you.

  4. Nice!

  5. nice looking forward to more posts in the future
    laters mate

  6. I don't think we are missing that much :)

  7. La Roux is nice, saw her once live at a local festival :)

  8. That mangirl freaks me out. o_o

  9. yea that is kind of freaky

  10. Heh yea. You can't really call that a good voice either..all the editing they did to it. Why can't we go back to the 80's :C

  11. This is great!

  12. Those are classic :)

  13. Cool videos bro

  14. Thanks buddy, now I'm gonna have nightmares. Fuck.

  15. La Roux is good. You have a cool blog.

  16. im impressed with your post!

  17. great vids mate.

  18. Thanks for the update!

  19. haha sweet vids man.

  20. Cool vids man.

  21. like this songs

  22. Fuck I love the 80s!! Nice blog keep it up!
    I'm supporting daily!
    Hope you return the favor ;D

  23. la roux is fucking awesome for a pop star

  24. haha the 80s were ridiculous

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