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because random rocks.

The new Scissor Sisters beats the fuck out of your Lady Gaga and Katy Perry pop, not to mention rehashing that delicious Breakfast Club beat from the 80s. We can dance again, we can dance! The children can dance!


11 Response for the "Weekday 9-5 shift is over."

  1. Nice to see another Scissor Sisters fan.

  2. Gonna have to check 'em out, for sure. :D

  3. very nice! needed something to bounce to.

  4. Nice blog.

  5. nice video,looking forward to seeing new posts by you!

  6. Nice!

  7. coolness

  8. That's just great :)

  9. not a big fan, but good blog :D

  10. 80s were awesome man

  11. Who@!

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