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Die for Dethklok. I thought 'd die before we got the rest of season 3! What the hell is up with Adult Swim? They love to jerk us around, don't they? Whatever, I'll take it. It's finally time for new Metalocalypse. Since we inhabit a vast snowy vacuum, it takes months for new Adult Swim shows to make it up to the Canadian television stations, by dogsled apparently. And due to copyright...stuff, I can't watch it on the Adult Swim website without, well, nevermind how that's accomplished, but it's annoying. This is likely a tangent I shouldn't finish.

Right, so new Metalocalypse was great. Listen to your dick, advice for the ages. I love all the Toki songs, and all the bunnies at his imaginary wedding, aww. I know all the ladies love Toki, I am no exception. And it's hard to deny how hot death metal is on its own. Is that weird? Maybe, but check out this action:

Ladies? Am I right?

Anyway. Have some Dethharmonic as I proclaim Monday to be Metalocalypse day at the Clox Box.

I'd rather you be dead than ponder parting with my second home
I'd rather you be dead than consider not opening a restaurant

19 Response for the "I'm a rocket."

  1. i loved home movies so of course i like what brendon small is doing now , awesome post

  2. Omg I played them together by mistake (was having buffering issues :( ) sounds even better!!

  3. OH YES, I haven't heard any Dethklok in a LONG time! The Dethalbum was my top played album for months!

    There's a third season? Sweet JESUS!

  4. Nice! good tunes

  5. yeeeeees DETHKLOK :D

  6. this is a good post that makes me want to come back for more

  7. You are correct bro.

  8. good stuff

  9. Hey, I'm back from the dead! Come and visit my blog!

  10. Great stuff, sir. Dethklok always sounds cool.

  11. Rockin' the sox as usual

  12. Nice guitarist, he has great skills. Once I tried to learn that, but I gave up, isn't easy, it requires a lot of time and dedication. Nice post, man!

  13. great post! some guitarists make it looks so easy

    Supp Bro :D
    Cool post bro!

  15. I love that first vid. It seems so effortless for him.

    I wish I had known the 3rd season started back up...seems like it's been forever since it last aired.

  16. damn that guy can shred....loved both videos, especially love metalocalypse

  17. lol Dethklok

  18. awesome post here

  19. there's good information here

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