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I love the Venture Bros. I don't watch a lot of TV anymore due to a landscape of utter crap, but every episode of Venture Bros makes me want to grab Doc Hammer by his long hair and shove that mousy face in my rack, screaming, "Do what you want to me, Doc Hammer! You deserve it!" So yeah, I like it.

It's a pop culture orgy smash and grab with fanboys and girls and without coming off as stupid and painful, like other shows about fans. It's also a show about failure, which we can all relate to.

Doc Hammer, Jackson Publik and others involved with the show do a stellar panel (I think) every year at the New York ComicCon full of cosplayers good and bad (and some requiring eye-bleach). Last year, there was much discussion of favourite David Bowie songs and a really flabby Dr. Mrs. The Monarch who wanted to rape the voice of Dean Venture. Scary. And Doc Hammer admitted his love of shoe buying. He also plays the banjo. Unf.

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  1. yup tv full of crap and lol@"Do what you want to me, Doc Hammer! You deserve it!" , nice post

  2. venture bros get me everything time

  3. What happen to the Venture Bro's Robot?

  4. I can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  5. lol Venture brothers is a great show!

  6. Followin' :)

  7. the new season is tits!

  8. never seen that before...

  9. nice one bro, daily it

  10. good point here...

  11. One of the best Adult Swim shows fo sho!

  12. good day to you kind man, its a pleasure having found this lovely and delightful blog of yours.

    smoochies n' poopies. :*

  13. this shows fucking hilarious. my brother talked me into it

  14. team venture

  15. I miss early morning cartoons :(

  16. <3 Venture bros.

  17. If I could only pick one show, it WOULD be the Venture Bros.

  18. Requesting obligatory .gif of him falling into the car drivers seat.

  19. I've never watched a whole episode. There, I said it.

  20. I like ur content!

  21. Lol, Brock is such a badass. But, everytime I hear his voice it reminds me of Krunk from "The Emperors New Groove"

  22. venture bros and adult swim = awesome

  23. Looking forward to your future posts... GTL man

  24. you got me again xD

  25. this post makes me want to come back :)

  26. very interesting!

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  28. What a nice blog man
    I'll follow you ;)!

  29. Your blog does indeed rock my socks. I have to keep adjusting them. Following and supporting.

  30. ahahaha nice post followin!

  31. coooool

  32. Nostalgia :3

  33. i nostalgiad so hardright now

  34. great vid mate. loved it.

  35. I just had to come back and watch this again.

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  37. Whoa nostalgia big time :3

  38. This is the only adult swim show i like watching.

  39. love that show

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