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I really like old movies. Any old movie, but lately silents from the 20s, and the first talkies in the 30s. I'm discovering so many awesome and weird movies and some really cool actors and actresses that most people have forgot about. And sexy movies, before the motion picture production code went into effect, boy howdy! Lots of old timey lesbian subtext.

Especially with Garbo; after she died, a bunch of her lesbian lovers came out and admitted to their affairs. Despite her love of ladies, Garbo nearly married frequent co-star John Gilbert, both seen here in Flesh & the Devil.

..which itself is a movie full of gay subtext, surprising for 1926.

Although she ditched him on their wedding day, they went on to make many more movies together. Bit fucked up, right? Poor Gilbert died an alcoholic, unable to find a role in the new horizon of talking motion pictures. Poor dude. He was a good actor.

Anyway, here's some sexy dancing from a Greta Garbo movie, Mata Hari.

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  1. i like kissing scene :D

  2. I don't know what to say bro lol.

  3. Supp Bro :D
    Cool post bro!

  4. I think they liked that stuff in 1930s Hollywood. My grandfather was out there and he left the town cause he felt it was too gay.

  5. I love old movies, good clips bro.

  6. It's a little surprising that all the gay/lesbian subtext was perfectly kosher in the '20s/'30s. We must've hit a point in society where it suddenly became completely taboo, and we're only now getting past that again.

  7. Greata Garbo in her time was the top favorite actress even know she has a great audience.

  8. What a classic. And now following because you seem to know your stuff.

  9. I must say I like the lesbians in newer movies more, if you know what I mean :D

    Classic tho, nice post

  10. Hell yeah classic

  11. Very cool post bro !

  12. i liked this post very interesting and keep my attention

  13. Good stuff. How's this allowed on YT? Haha.

  14. great post! will be checking back for more!

  15. classic stuff bro

  16. ive always had a soft spot for 30s movie, always loved abit of vintage movies now and again

  17. the kisses back then were so innocent :D

  18. nice video thanks for sharing them with us

  19. Black and white, classic. Goes way back, something to remember :D keep it up


  20. I think vintage sensuality is very erotic, thanks for share =)

  21. Imagine? Back then they probably thought this was nearly too hot to film.

  22. ^ Haha that's what I was thinking.

  23. Black and white is so boring!

  24. Man i love old porn!

  25. greta's one of the best

  26. greta was great. and what a nice kiss ;)

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  28. Cool post bro :)

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