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Dixie Barton, old timey stripper.

Holy shit.

Dixie Barton started stripping and performing in peep show videos and with travelling sideshows, where a lot of strippers learned the ropes. A Greta Garbo movie has the actress working as a sideshow dancer. Pay some money, see her titties, that kind of work. Eventually, Dixie Barton settled in Newark, NJ and achieved fame as a Marilyn Monroe type. So obviously she gained some weight after this short. Probably still looked hot. She ended up running the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Vegas.

Kind of reminds me of Joan Harris on Mad Men. I love how much more we're getting to learn about Joan. I'm convinced she was a stripper or something before executive secretary or whatever. I hope we find out one day. In the meantime, I will say again, holy shit:

21 Response for the "Stripper Time!"

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  5. Jeeeesus, that really does rock my socks. Just blows my mind...

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  10. Ahh that's some good old-fashioned family strippin'

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  15. Her and the girls at the curtain all look so unsure of, "Should...should I smile? Or is this the grimace part of the act?"

    Good stuff, though. Followed.

  16. Good ol strippers.

  17. Cristina hendrick - Not too fat, not too skinny :D perfect!!

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  19. Supp Bro :D
    Cool post bro!

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