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First of all, the dangers of high fives.


Second of all, Wednesday is the laziest of all weekdays for me. My one and only rest day from working out, I've proclaimed it wake & bake Wednesday. I mostly sit around gaming and reading but I'm looking forward to checking out what I've missed from everyone!

What kind of asshole plays Sim City?


I've been thinking about playing Minecraft, since the entire internet is, but mostly my close circle of friends. Three of them disappeared for a week and when next I heard from them, they'd constructed a fabulous base and roped my feller into the bargain. So I'm thinking about it. What scares me is that someone told the aspies about it.


Aww yeah, back on the bloghorse.

14 Response for the "Back on the horse."

  1. holy shit dude :O

  2. that minecraft vid... holy fck.

  3. "Also, don't do low-fives."
    It's only okay if you find an onion ring in an order of fries... Haha. Great video. I'll have to check out more of UCB Comedy.

  4. holy shit that minecraft vid is siiick!

  5. Cool videos, thanks for sharing.

  6. Minecraft...more like MINDWITCHCRAFT. :D

  7. looks great!
    i like it .

  8. hahaha, nice videos!!!

  9. The first video is very stupid, I got angry >.<

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  11. the enterprise is awesome! =O

    smoochies n' poopies! :*

  12. Thats crazy man, nice one. I'm really going to have to checkout minecraft aye.

  13. listen to her!

  14. Minecraft is the best. I cant go into my first cave home though, I dug too deep and now my living room is filled with lava lol

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