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because random rocks.

Okay, the rest of the lyrics of Hatredcopter are kind of lame, but the video is fucking sweet.

Should I have included a seizure warning? Seriously, if you have seizures you shouldn't be on the internet, let alone clicking strange youtube links.

Hot chick playing Thunderhorse. Enjoy!

27 Response for the "I fly a gigantic monster"

  1. Supp Bro :D
    Cool post bro!

  2. Wow, great videos. That girl is amazing too. I lost. :) Keep up the great videos.

  3. great post ...that girl can sing !!

    following & supporting you
    take care.

  4. good thing I visited your blog today!

  5. sweet video.. dethklok is one of my favorites

  6. should've posted the seizure warning first, now i'm seizuirjwljlgkns. lol

  7. ah dethlok, awesome

  8. I'm in love of the girl of the second video! She looks like an angel, but I'm pretty sure she must be 80% demon! <33

  9. dethklok rules

  10. YEAHHH Love metalocalypse

  11. It's good to see that you're beating inertia today :)

  12. Shit yes Metalocalypse!

  13. Some great videos

  14. Yaaay Dethklok! Sweet videos.
    Haha, your ads say things like "Do you have epilepsy?"

  15. New Metalocalypse is going again...and it's AWESOME.

  16. looks epic =D

  17. Dethklok RULZ!

  18. wow, that girl is good

  19. lol at the video ,so awesome and shes hot fo real...

  20. Dethklok rules, been to 2 of there shows here in Phoenix.

  21. You've got some good creativity in this blog!

  22. do not watch the first vid in the night with you lights off like i did :(

  23. dethklok rox but holy crap that girl is good!

  24. good follow up post to yesterday's

  25. i've always liked birthday dethday haha

  26. i love the drummer on those tracks, Gene Hoglan

  27. great videos! i like this rhythms

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